TruLaser 2030 fiber

Powerful compact machine

The TruLaser 2030 fiber is your easy introduction to highly productive laser cutting. Operation is intuitive – you can get started immediately and continuously benefit from the system performance. It does not require lots of room because the TruLaser 2030 fiber is compact and brings together its full power with minimal use of Space









Powerful and fast
High cutting productivity and long-term reliability with the TruDisk disk laser.

Flexible layout
The machine is available in different installation versions depending on your requirements.

Automated loading unit
LiftMaster Shuttle automatically loads and unloads parts.

Simple operation
Intuitive control panel with touch control and optimal view of the entire work area.

Flexible sheet thicknesses
With BrightLine fiber, you can benefit from all of the advantages of the solid-state laser for all sheet thicknesses.

Short non-productive times
The automatic nozzle changer increases speed and process reliability.

Cost-effective single-cutting-head strategy
You can cut all types of material and sheet thicknesses with the same cutting unit.

Technical data


TruDisk 2001, TruDisk 3001, or TruDisk 4001

Different lasers are available for your laser cutting machine depending on the power you require: The TruDisk 3001 with 3 kW or the TruDisk 4001 with 4 kW.


2D laser cutting machine, second laser output

Second laser output for use in the TRUMPF LaserNetwork

With the TruLaser 2030 fiber you can not only carry out cutting processes, but other applications are also made possible for your production in a cost-efficient manner. You can optionally share the laser with other machines – for example with a laser tube cutting machine or a laser welding cell. In addition, you can use your TruDisk laser in the laser network in a flexible manner.



TruLaser 2030 fiber, space requirement

Low space requirements

Numerous key components of the machine are integrated into the machine frame. Even with the pallet changer, the TruLaser 2030 fiber only requires a small amount of installation space in your production hall.

Customised automation – your capacity utilisation is what counts

Whether it’s with low capacity utilisation or highly-productive multi-shift operation – you assemble your machine according to your requirements. With the TruLaser 2030 fiber, you can flexibly choose a manual pallet, a pallet changer or fully automated loading and unloading via LiftMaster Shuttle.