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TruLaser Series 8000

Discover new dimensions

The TruLaser Series 8000 laser machine provides the highest level of cost-effectiveness and excellent part quality when processing oversize formats. With the unique additional pallet concept, you can process sheets up to 52.5 ft. long. The sheet is cycled through the machine in several steps. Intelligent processes guarantee you maximum part quality – also in the repositioning areas. At the same time, you benefit from the flexibility and productivity of a machine for standard formats.


Product Description

Twice the productivity with two cutting heads Through the simultaneous cutting with two cutting heads, you can increase your productivity by up to 100%.

Minimal non-productive time  Loading and unloading parallel to production also saves time, like the fast pallet changer.

Fast loading  A stable backgauge ensures short loading times for large sheets.

Maximum precision  You can achieve the highest level of contour precision with the linear drives and the integrated measurement system.

Excellent part quality  You can achieve smooth edges and practically micro-burr-free processing with the CO2 laser and the BrightLine function.

Cut thick mild steel  With the CoolLine function, you can even create tight contours in thick mild steel.

The best in shift operation  With the multiple sheet layout option, you can process several sheets one after the other – completely automatically.

Variable pallet concept  Choose the pallet concept for your needs

Technical data



TruLaser Series 8000, oversize format processing

Oversize format processing

With the TruLaser Series 8000, you can process sheets up to 52.5 ft. x 8 ft. – with all of the advantages of a machine for standard sheets, but particularly its flexibility.


LensLine with automatic condition check

LensLine with automatic condition check monitors the condition of the lens during operation and reports when the cutting lens must be cleaned or replaced. The combination with an RFID lens («Radio Frequency Identification») also ensures that only lenses with the correct focal length and correct mounting position are used.


Different pallet concepts

Depending on the proportion of oversize formats, there are different options possible for the pallet concept: Select the oversize-format additional pallet for a high level of productivity in standard formats and maximum flexibility for oversize formats (3-pallet system). Or choose the oversize-format pallet changer for the highest productivity for oversize sheets.



AdjustLine enables the easy adjustment of the cutting process to materials of different quality. Process reliability is increased, especially when cutting poor quality material. This not only reduces scrap, but also material costs.


Process reliability and operator support



The CoolLine option ensures targeted cooling of the workpiece during cutting, thus enabling new geometries. Process reliability in thick mild steel is also increased considerably.


Dot Matrix Code

The Dot Matrix Code function facilitates fast, process reliable part identification with a standardized industrial code. Within seconds, the laser in your flatbed laser machine applies a 2D code (data matrix) made out of dots onto a part. The content of the Dot Matrix Code is defined during programming. It is applied to the part and contains information for the process chain. The code calls up the corresponding program at the next machine, for example.


MobileControl app

Monitor your machines easily and with flexibility using the MobileControl app. It transmits the interface of the standard control panel onto the touchscreen of your tablet PC. In addition to the static control panel, you therefore also have another option for monitoring and controlling your machine.



With Drop&Cut, the remainder sheet is utilized more easily, intuitively, and efficiently than ever before. A camera ensures the live image of the machine interior appears directly on your user interface. You can position virtually any number of part geometries flexibly on the remainder sheet, either by clicking on the mouse or directly using the touch operation function. You can position cutouts and forms on the live image with precision.

Rotatable, ergonomic control panel

Rotatable, ergonomic control panel

The rotatable touch screen can be perfectly adapted to the operator and the lighting conditions in production. It is attached so that it can be rotated, meaning setup work is also possible without a manual control unit. The keyboard and the mouse are extendable, and can also be used if required.


Fast alignment

The stable backgauge enables the fast alignment of oversize sheets. This is made possible by retractable stops which are monitored by the control.


Cameras for process monitoring

Two cameras integrated into the machine interior monitor the process and can transfer images to your network. The operator is therefore not tied to the machine to monitor the process.



Multi-sheet processing

The multiple sheet layout function ensures longer machine runtimes, particularly for shift operation and on weekends. Place several sheets on the oversize format pallet and the machine will process them one after the other automatically.



TruLaser Series 8000, two cutting heads

Machine setup with dual cutting heads

One machine, two cutting units: You can increase your productivity by up to 100 percent with the ability to cut simultaneously.



The BrightLine cutting procedure, the interaction between innovative components such as special optics and a flow-optimized nozzle, enables the highest quality cuts to be made in thick stainless steel and mild steel. Particularly in stainless steel, the BrightLine fusion cutting produces an especially high-quality cutting edge – a clear-cut mark of quality. This results in considerably less rework, or often even no rework at all. Thin sheets (0.08-0.12 in.) can be processed burr-free.



PierceLine monitors and controls the piercing process. This saves material and preserves the machine, increasing part quality and shortening the piercing time by up to 80%.


Maintenance-free linear drives in all axes

With maintenance-free linear drives on all axes (X, Y and Z), your laser cutting machine will always run quickly, dynamically, and with precision. You will achieve excellent results: Minimal positioning deviations of only 0.001 in. and a central positioning variation of only 0.0008 in. will provide you with maximum contour precision. Even after long operating times, the precision will remain as high as on the first day – due to the drive concept in combination with the measurement system and the high-strength machine construction.


Closed direct measuring systems

The closed direct measuring system monitors the position of the axes particularly precisely – meaning you achieve maximum precision.


Thin sheet production package

The thin sheet production package enables high-speed, compressed-air, and standard cutting. The machine works particularly quickly and cost-effectively in thin sheet.

TruFlow 6000

TruFlow 6000

The highly efficient 6kW laser processes sheet thicknesses up to 1 in. extremely productively.


LoadMaster, easy loading for every 2D laser machine



The universal loading unit, LoadMaster, will automatically supply unprocessed sheets to your machine. A suction cup moves the sheets from the loading station to the pallet changer and sets them down there.



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