TruPunch 1000 (S05)

Cost-effective entry-level machine

The TruPunch 1000 is the perfect entry to professional punching. The compact machine excels with its high level of processing flexibility: In addition to just punching, you can also use it to form threads, extrude, and bend flanges. You can process midsize sheets completely in one tool setup without repositioning. You can even produce smaller orders and lot sizes economically, quickly and with flexibility






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TruPunch 1000, brush table

Table equipment

Brush tables are available for gentle material handling.

TruPunch 2000, On-Demand Drive

On-Demand Drive

As a result of the On-Demand Drive, the punching head hydraulic system always works to the optimum level. This leads to reduced noise generation during non-productive times and reduces the hydraulic load of the entire system.


TRUMPF is the first manufacturer worldwide to offer punching machines with skeleton-free processing. This innovation saves material and increases process safety.

TruPunch 1000, brush table

Blank processing benefits package

With the blank processing package, you can also process blanks simply and in a process-reliable way. This is made possible by a second index pin and additional clamp, amongst other things.

Parts conveyor belt

With the parts conveyor belt, punching parts are ejected in a process-reliable way.




You can boost the productivity of your punching machine with a tool adapter for up to ten inserts – in particular for small punching operations.



Use our patented cutting technology for outstanding edge quality without nibbling marks. A die with brush inserts also prevents scratches.

 Kiemenwerkzeug Gr.5

Louver tools size 5

With a length of up to 4 inches, you can take advantage of new sheet metal design options. Processing in just one stroke ensures the highest quality.

TRUMPF Stanzwerkzeuge

Punching tools at a glance

TRUMPF offers the world’s largest range of punching tools on the market. You will find the perfect solution for every punching and forming application.

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