• Surface machining or deburring of workpieces up to 120 mm sheet metal thickness
  • Freely configurable – individually customised to the customer’s requirement
  • High quality surface finish up to fine grinding
  • Simultaneous deburring of interior and exterior contours
  • Wet machining
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • The processing units can be individually adjusted or turned on and off electrically.
  • Maximum productivity while maintaining machining quality
  • Faster and simpler tool change within just a few minutes
  • Modular and compact in modern machine design – smaller footprint
  • Improved work environment – Reduction of dust, dirt and noise
  • Optionally available: Conveyor Technology, Filter Technology; Handling Systems, Automation; Custom Solutions
  • Especially suitable for the material mix
  • Entire process lines – Grinding and Part Cleaning


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Technical data


No. Of heads1 – 4
Compressed air6.0 bar
Abrasive belt length1900 mm
Capacity of the coolant400-600 l
Working width950 / 1350 / 1650 mm


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