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3D laser cutting

Do you want to cut 2D as well as 3D components, profiles or tubes? The machines from TRUMPF give you the ideal equipment for this. As a pioneer in 3D laser processing, TRUMPF provides beam sources and components for beam guidance, as well as complete machines and systems containing optimally coordinated components. The systems excel with a range of unique selling points, such as the patented 2in1 fibre. Comprehensive 3D technology data that is checked independently of the beam source makes it easier for you to get started in the 3D world.

TruLaser Cell 5030

The perfect entry-level machine for flexible 2D and 3D laser cutting

Superb economy: The TruLaser Cell 5030 impresses with its low hourly operating cost. It is ideally suited to small and medium lot sizes and for applications where components are frequently changed. It comes with an energy-efficient, low-maintenance TruDisk solid-state laser as well as a wealth of functions from the tried-and-tested TruLaser Cell product groups. As such, the TruLaser Cell 5030 is the ideal introduction to flexible 2D and 3D laser cutting.






TruLaser Cell 8030

Productive high-end 3D laser cutting machine

The second generation TruLaser Cell 8030 once again sets the standard for the 3D cutting of hot-formed components. As a result of new developments and optimized details, it offers even greater production reliability, combined with arguably the highest productivity on the market. You can increase your profitability due to options such as the Smart Approach, Dynamic Level 2, or the rotary indexing table.

TruLaser Cell 7000

Modular and highly flexible design

You are perfectly equipped with the TruLaser Cell Series 7000 laser system – no matter whether you want to process two or three-dimensional components or tubes. You can change between cutting, welding, and laser metal deposition with flexibility. The modular machine set up, as well as the adjustment and retrofit options, enable you to ideally customize the TruLaser Cell Series 7000 to a changing production environment and to react to changing customer requirements with flexibility.

TruLaser Cell 3000

Highly productive and versatile 5-axis laser machine

With the compact and high-precision 5-axis laser machine TruLaser Cell 3000 you can weld and cut in two or three dimensions. In addition, the 3D laser machine is also ideal for laser metal deposition (LMD). From prototypes to large-scale series production with extensive automation, this multi-talented machine displays its superiority across the board. This applies in particular to cost-effective laser processing of small to medium-sized components with top quality.