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What’s the best way to prepare your production processes for the challenges of the future? Globalization, technical advancements, and fluctuations in the economy all have a major influence on your company. That’s why intelligent automation solutions are an important way of ensuring you also chart a successful course for the future, too. Highly automated production offers you many advantages which enable you to work more cost-effectively. All production processes are transparent and efficient at all times, enabling your employees to concentrate on the job at hand. This, in turn, increases their motivation. In addition, your customers can also rely on you as a dependable supplier.

Automatiseringsløsninger 2D Laserskjærere

LiftMaster Linear Basic

The slim frame solution

The LiftMaster Linear Basic is the slim solution for automated loading and unloading of sheets. In comparison to the «large» LiftMaster it requires around 15% less installation area. In addition, you can connect several machines to the LiftMaster Linear Basic. In this way, you can increase the utilization of up to two machines at a maximum of four tool stations. Cart systems, loading stations, and unloading platforms can be integrated with flexibility if required. Storage connection is indirectly possible for the LiftMaster Linear via a cart system

LiftMaster Shuttle

Fully flexible automation

With the LiftMaster Shuttle you can automate your TruLaser 2030 fiber according to your exact requirements. With numerous installation versions you can make effective use of the available space and provide optimum support for the material flow in your production. The LiftMaster Shuttle uses an additional shuttle pallet for loading and unloading. This leaves the pallet changer available for smaller lot sizes or for set up for short-term orders.

LiftMaster Store

Fastest storage connection

The frame solution, LiftMaster Store, is directly connected to the store and requires minimal space. In return, it offers more latitude to design your production to meet your specific needs. Here, the LiftMaster Store is assisted by a number of tried-and-tested TRUMPF technologies. Examples include the suction frame with unloading rakes for automated loading and unloading, or the synchronous loader for increased productivity. With the independent pallet picker crane, the LiftMaster Store can quickly access pallets in the store. This makes it particularly well suited to automated scrap skeleton separation. Connection to up to three machines with multiple tool stations is possible with the LiftMaster Store Linear.



Flexible automation

The automation solution, LiftMaster, covers a broad range of functions because of the variety of setup options. These range from simple loading and unloading processes to pallet handling and part removal. The basic module is the suction frame. It contains both suction cups, for the transportation of the unprocessed sheet, and rake arms for conveying cut sheets. With the integrated sorting function, the LiftMaster can also separate finished parts from the scrap skeleton and set them down.

LiftMaster Compact

Our best-in-class


The LiftMaster Compact is the fastest and most compact loading and unloading unit in the TRUMPF portfolio. The dynamic and variable automation solution is particularly attractive for fast sheet processing times, regardless of whether with or without storage connection. It requires little space and saves time and money with its short cycle time of 90 seconds.

LiftMaster Linear

The universal frame solution

The LiftMaster Linear automatically loads and unloads sheets, via its linear axis, to as many as three machines on a maximum of six tool stations. At the tool stations you can perfectly integrate cart systems, machines, loading stations, or unloading platforms. The versatile LiftMaster Linear can, therefore, master almost any application. The Sort or Scrap Skeleton Separation upgrades offer an additional productivity boost. They separate finished parts from the scrap skeleton.

PalletMaster Tower

The multiple pallet changer

With the PalletMaster Tower, you can start unmonitored production affordably. It combines the automatic changing of pallets with compact storage technology. It can store up to 20 pallets of various materials and process them in a fully automatic fashion. In so doing, it uses a separate pallet for every material type and every sheet. The PalletMaster Tower changes thin sheets with minimal scratching and ensures that thick sheets can be processed unmonitored for a long time. This saves times and reduces costs.


Sort small and large parts in a fully automated fashion

The SortMaster removes, sorts, and stacks cut finished parts and allows you to operate your 2D laser cutting machine in a fully automated fashion. To do this, you connect it to a storage system with a LiftMaster. In this way you can manufacture reliably, on demand, and around the clock. Smart functions correct potential malfunctions independently. For example, with automatic separation control: if a part does not come loose, the gripper head separates it from the scrap skeleton by shaking it.

Automatiseringsløsninger kombi stans/laser- stansemaskiner


Shred scrap skeletons automatically and safely

The ShearMaster guarantees optimal scrap skeleton handling with your TruPunch 5000 and TruMatic 7000. It shreds scrap skeletons automatically, parallel to production, making the disposal of scrap material significantly easier. The scrap skeleton is pulled from the machine onto the conveyor table of the ShearMaster and divided into easy to handle strips.


Optimal loading and unloading

The SheetMaster loads and unloads your punching or punch laser machine and sorts parts reliably. Suction cups take sheets or blanks from the loading station and move them to the machine table. The SheetMaster deposits finished parts on an unloading platform. By using various suction cups, you can process an extensive variety of applications, depending on machine type.

SheetMaster Compact

Compact loading and unloading

The SheetMaster Compact is the space-saving and affordable entry-level solution for the automation of your TruPunch 1000 (S19), TruPunch 2000, TruPunch 3000, and TruMatic 1000 fiber. It loads your machines with sheets or blanks and unloads micro-joint sheets and scrap skeletons reliably and efficiently. Therefore, your system is markedly more productive and requires very little additional floor space.

SortMaster Box / SortMaster Box Linear

Automatically unload and sort finished parts

The SortMaster Box or SortMaster Box Linear automatically sort small parts that fall through the punching or laser flap into up to four boxes. The sorting of parts up to a maximum of 20×20 inches is performed without supervision during production, resulting in higher productivity. With the SortMaster Box, the containers are arranged in a circle while with the SortMaster Box Linear, small parts fall into boxes that can be moved linearly. Due to an additional conveyor belt and another part removal flap, this solution is especially low-scratch. For both options, the containers can also be removed directly with a pallet jack.


Convenient scrap handling when punching

The DisposeMaster sorts punching slugs and shredded scrap skeletons automatically for up to three material types. Scrap removal into three containers, parallel to production, makes subsequent manual sorting and separation of sheet remnants unnecessary. The DisposeMaster can be connected to the TruPunch 3000 and TruPunch 5000 machines if they are designed for skeleton-free processing, and ensures a machine utilization rate that is up to 50% higher. Another plus for the customer: cleanly sorted sheet metal scrap ensures higher recycling revenue.

ToolMaster / ToolMaster Linear

Changing tools made easy

Increase the productivity of your punching and punch laser machines with the right tool magazine or changer. We have the right systems for this. The classic ToolMaster has a magazine wheel with 40 or 70 tool holders, with a swivel arm that brings tools into position. The tool capacity of the ToolMaster Linear can be expanded incrementally up to 90 tool cartridges. You can therefore easily handle increasing variety and more complex parts.


Automatically dispose of scrap skeletons

The GripMaster ensures convenient scrap skeleton handling on the TruPunch punching machines and TruMatic punch laser machines. The GripMaster automatically removes scrap skeletons and remainder strips and stacks them on a scissor table without operator intervention. The automatic unloading process increases the machine uptime, speeds up job processing, and increases work safety.