PalletMaster Tower

The multiple pallet changer

With the PalletMaster Tower, you can start unmonitored production affordably. It combines the automatic changing of pallets with compact storage technology. It can store up to 20 pallets of various materials and process them in a fully automatic fashion. In so doing, it uses a separate pallet for every material type and every sheet. The PalletMaster Tower changes thin sheets with minimal scratching and ensures that thick sheets can be processed unmonitored for a long time. This saves times and reduces costs.

Technical data


Sorting and slat cleaning station

Sorting and slat cleaning station

The sorting and slat cleaning station makes it possible to perform loading, unloading, and cleaning parallel to production.
TruTool TSC 100

TruTool TSC 100

The TruTool TSC 100 is delivered together with the sorting and support slat cleaning station.