LiftMaster Shuttle

Fully flexible automation

With the LiftMaster Shuttle you can automate your TruLaser 2030 fiber according to your exact requirements. With numerous installation versions you can make effective use of the available space and provide optimum support for the material flow in your production. The LiftMaster Shuttle uses an additional shuttle pallet for loading and unloading. This leaves the pallet changer available for smaller lot sizes or for set up for short-term orders.

Technical data

Storage connections

TruStore Series 1000

TruStore Series 1000

Practical compact store
TruStore Series 3000

TruStore Series 3000

The most flexible storage


LiftMaster Shuttle, additional shuttle pallet

Shuttle pallet

With an additional shuttle pallet, the LiftMaster Shuttle loads and unloads the TruLaser 2030 fiber. For smaller lot sizes or for short-term orders you can continue to use the pallet changer.
LiftMaster Shuttle, cart option

Cart option

Single and dual cart systems for loading and unloading
LiftMaster Shuttler mit Saugerrahmen und Rechen

Suction frame/unloading rake

The suction frame is equipped with individually controllable suction cups. It loads the unprocessed sheets on the shuttle pallet. Unloading rakes take the finished, processed metal sheets from the shuttle pallet and place them in the unloading area.