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ToolMaster / ToolMaster Linear

Changing tools made easy

Increase the productivity of your punching and punch laser machines with the right tool magazine or changer. We have the right systems for this. The classic ToolMaster has a magazine wheel with 40 or 70 tool holders, with a swivel arm that brings tools into position. The tool capacity of the ToolMaster Linear can be expanded incrementally up to 90 tool cartridges. You can therefore easily handle increasing variety and more complex parts.

Technical data


ToolMaster Linear with 18, 54, or 90 tool holders

The ToolMaster Linear tool storage system is modular and can have 18, 54, or 90 tool holders.

ToolMaster with 40 to 70 tool holders

The classic ToolMaster has a magazine wheel and places the tools into position with the swivel arm.