TruStore Series 3000

The dynamic compact storage system

The TruStore Series 3000 compact store grows along with your demands, reduces space requirements, and can be developed into a fully automatic system. The TruStore Series 3000 comes with a storage tower and pallet picker crane as standard. You can select the height of your storage system from 15 possible levels, and the storage compartments can be adjusted to 3.5 inches or 6.5 inches. The storage system can be easily connected to your TRUMPF 2D laser cutting machine, punching machine, or punch laser machine. The modular principle enables expansion at any time.





TruStore Series 3000, space-saving storage of auxiliary pallets with storage cassettes

Auxiliary pallets with storage cassettes

Space-saving storage of auxiliary pallets with storage cassettes


Connection of a TruLaser 3030 fiber laser machine to the TruStore system with LiftMaster Compact and PartMaster
TruStore Series 3000, multiple-machine connection

Multiple-machine connection

You can connect multiple machines to the TruStore as required, either directly or indirectly

Weighing system

Precise, to-the-second recording of stock: The weighing system weighs the sheet stack on the pallet picker crane.