TruLaser Center 7030

Full-service machine for your laser production

The TruLaser Center 7030 integrates all laser cutting processes into a single machine for the first time. The advantage for you: Your throughput time and processing costs will be drastically reduced. As a result, you get the optimal profitability out of your laser machining process.





Completely self-reliant
The TruLaser Center 7030 takes over your entire process – from the drawing to the sorted part.
Intelligent cutting
The SmartGate prevents the tilting and unwanted welding of parts.
Quick and reliable
Additional axes, SmartGate, brush tables and SmartLift ensure pioneering productivity and uncompromising reliability
Unloading in record time
The SortMaster Speed removes and stacks large and highly delicate components at lightning speed.
Easy programming
TruTops Boost automatically generates a suggestion for the cutting, removal, sorting, and depositing of parts.

Technical data


TruLaser Center 7030, cutting head and ejector cylinder above the SmartGateSmartGate

The SmartGate, along with the brush tables, prevent the tilting and unwanted welding of parts. The intelligent support moves with the cutting head and provides support for your parts during cutting. The ejector cylinder automatically finds the best point for every part geometry to push the part out through the scrap skeleton and discharge it securely.

TruLaser Center 7030 with SmartLift pins

SmartLift and SortMaster Speed

The pins of the SmartLift, which can be positioned with flexibility, press the cut parts against the suction plate of the SortMaster Speed from below. At the same time, this fixes the part from above. Fixed in this way, the part is taken out of the scrap skeleton by a synchronous lift motion. This means even delicate parts are held securely and do not tilt in the kerf.

TruLaser Center 7030, cutting head in action

Hybrid machine concept

The movement of the sheet is superimposed by a highly dynamic additional axis on the cutting head. This means that you can cut corners and complex contours at high speeds. This strong combination means that you get the most out of the high feed rates of the solid-state laser.

TruLaser Center 7030, SmartGate


Within seconds, the SmartGate removes small parts into up to eight containers. Slugs and scrap fall into a slag cart. Your key for maximum throughput: The removal of residual material causes minimal interruption to the cutting process – a result of the intelligent control and sensor system of the SmartGate.

TruLaser Center 7030 with SortMaster Speed

SortMaster Speed

The SortMaster Speed stacks parts at lightning speed and with perfect order on up to eight pallets. As soon as the SortMaster Speed takes the part, the machine continues cutting. The part is taken to its deposit position parallel to production. Interruption to the machining process is minimal.

TruTops Boost programming system


The TruTops Boost programming system automatically generates a suggestion for the cutting, removal, sorting, and depositing of parts. In doing so, it even takes physical conditions into consideration. For example, how the part can best be pushed out of the scrap skeleton to eliminate any chance of it tipping.

TruLaser Center 7030 with SortMaster Box Linear

SortMaster Box Linear

A sorting flap reliably separates finished parts from scrap. The SortMaster Box Linear sorting unit distributes small parts into up to eight containers parallel to production. The containers are assigned intelligently by the software program.

TruLaser Center 7030 with TouchPoint user interface

Processing cell

The processing cell loads and unloads independently and announces when the operator is needed. Because of this, the operator can plan his/her work at the machine better. Waiting times, manual sorting, and rework are a thing of the past. The Touchpoint user interface also enables an intuitive dialog with the machine.

TruLaser Center 7030 with LoadMaster Center

LoadMaster Center

The LoadMaster Center places the unprocessed sheet on the brush table in the clamping unit. High-performance peeling techniques separate the sheet reliably from the stack.

TruLaser Center 7030 with automatic nozzle changer

Automatic nozzle changer

Through program control, the automatic nozzle changer inserts the correct nozzle. The nozzle changer is located in the machine cabinet during processing, which makes it possible to set up parallel to production.

Storage connection

 TruLaser Center 7030 with TruStore

Large store, short distances

Connect your TruLaser Center 7030 to all common storage systems, such as the TruStore store from TRUMPF or large-scale storage systems from STOPA. The modular stores can always be customized and extended to fit your needs.
TruLaser Center 7030, storage connection variant 1

Front storage connection for unprocessed material

While the unprocessed material enters the machine via the rear, finished parts are accessed from the front of the machine. They are stacked on pallets and sorted into boxes.
 TruLaser Center 7030, storage connection variant 2

Side storage connection for unprocessed material

Unprocessed material can also be fed in on the side of the machine. The finished parts stacked on pallets or small parts in boxes are sent out of the machine at the front.
 TruLaser Center 7030, storage connection option 3

Side storage connection for unprocessed material and finished parts

Unprocessed material enters the machine from the side. While the stacked finished parts return into the store on pallets, small parts in boxes are removed from the front of the machine. The tandem relay gives you direct access to the next storage pallet and reduces waiting times.
 TruLaser Center 7030, storage connection variant 5

Side storage connection for raw material and finished parts with flexible access to parts

The machine is supplied with raw material from the store from the side. Handle finished parts with flexibility, for example you can remove them directly from the machine during the day, and place them back in the store at night. You can also remove parts directly from the unloading cart, or use a moving floor or storage palette compatible with forklift trucks – the solutions are numerous and always suit your requirements.