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TruBend Cell 7000

Innovative high-speed bending cell

The TruBend Cell 7000 offers users a compact system for the highly dynamic, efficient bending of small parts.








Technical data


Numerous functions make your TruBend Cell 7000 a particularly fast and precise bending cell.

Completely automated

ToolMaster Bend

ToolMaster Bend

Tool changes made easy: the ToolMaster Bend automatically sets up the right tools.

LoadMaster Bend

Conveyor system

A conveyor system places the finished parts in boxes or removes them onto the pallet conveyor.

TruBend Cell 7000, gripper changing console

Gripper changing console incl. tool cleaning station

The BendMaster gripper is changed automatically. A cleaning station cleans the tools for you.



ACB angle measuring system

ACB angle measuring system

You can achieve consistently precise angles using the tried-and-tested Automatically Controlled Bending angle measuring system – without any manual intervention.


ACB Wireless angle measuring system

ACB Wireless ensures perfect angles, particularly for short sides, reflective surfaces, or internal flanges. If required, the user-friendly system automatically corrects the angle; the communication between the tool and control is wireless.


ToolMaster Bend

Tools with a chip

TruBend Cell 7000 bending tools are equipped with an ID chip. This enables the ToolMaster to detect the position, tool type, and the rotation of the tools completely automatically.

ACB angle measuring system

Tools with Automatically Controlled Bending

TRUMPF sensor tools function according to the tried-and-tested Automatically Controlled Bending measuring principle. Sensor disks, integrated in the tool shape, take measurements in the process zone. The sensor tools are equipped with a chip in the same way as the TruBend Cell 7000 standard tools.


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