TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber

The fastest tube cutting machine in the world

The TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber takes advantage of the strengths of solid-state lasers in a way that no other machine ever has before. For you as a user, this means short processing times for a large range of possible tubes and profiles.





Technical data



Smart profile detection

With smart profile detection, you can even load profiles with challenging geometries automatically.

SeamLine Tube

SeamLine Tube identifies weld seams or markings in order to align each tube correctly on the machine. As an option, the function can scan the inside of the tube.

TruLaser Tube 5000, multiple material types

Single-cutting-head strategy

With the single-cutting-head strategy, you can process multiple material types and thicknesses without changing the cutting head.

TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber with sensor system

Sensor system

Your machine is ahead of the game: sensors detect whether or not a part has been correctly ejected.


TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber, RapidCut


With RapidCut, the high feed rates of the solid-state laser come into their own even on smaller contours. Particularly on thinner materials this is a huge productivity advantage for your production.

Expand your processing spectrum

TruLaser Tube 5000, bevel cutting option of up to 45° for mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum

Bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees

You can expand your range of parts with high-quality bevel cuts of up to 45°.


TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber, collet chuck


No more adjustments by hand: the FocusLine control mechanism keeps the focal position of the laser constant and automatically adapts it to the material.

TruLaser Tube 5000, PierceLine controls the piercing process


PierceLine controls and monitors the piercing process. The piercing process is ended as soon as the material is completely cut through. This leads to more accurate results and shorter processing times.

TruLaser Tube 5000, removal of finished parts with the conveyor table

Conveyor tables

Conveyor tables at an ergonomic height make it easier to unload tubes and profiles. They also serve as a practical material buffer.



TruLaser Tube 5000, LoadMaster Tube minimizes setup timeLoading

With the LoadMaster Tube loading unit you can minimize your setup times. The practical bundle space automatically provides the unprocessed material. It is also possible to set up the LoadMaster at the front of the machine. This enables you to adapt the layout of the machine perfectly to your material flow.