TruPrint 3000

Flexible LMF solution for industrial production

The TruPrint 3000 is a universal medium-format machine with industrial part and powder management for the series production of complex, metal components using 3D printing.




Technical data


TRUMPF Pulver für 3D-Drucksysteme

The right powder for your application

A wide range of materials are used for 3D printing of metal parts. Different materials involve different requirements for the machine. With TRUMPF, you can obtain the machine and quality-approved powder directly from a single source. You can therefore be sure that the powder is the best match for use in the TruPrint 3000. TRUMPF also offers the appropriate parameter blocks and substrate plates for the powders on offer. You therefore receive a complete solution. The range includes, for example, powders from the areas of stainless steel, tool steel, cobalt-chromium, titanium, precious metals, and bronze.


Optimal handling of the powder and components is crucial for series production on an industrial scale. The industrial parts and powder management from TRUMPF enables the setup and powder removal of one or more machines, all parallel to production. This increases productivity and profitability for our customers. Standard interfaces and a modular structure guarantee maximum flexibility.

Powder removal station, TruPrint 3000

Powder removal station

The powder removal station improves machine availability as the component powder removal is performed externally. Operators do not come into direct contact with the powder, which increases safety when handling the machine. The suction nozzles, which are optimized to meet requirements, enable the simple cleaning of complex components. Access to the station is also optimal due to the rotating build cylinder and an electrical lift drive.
Sieve station with vacuum conveyor, TruPrint 3000

Sieve station with vacuum conveyor

The sieve station enables you to achieve a very high sieve throughput with a consistent powder quality. The high degree of automation of the station also enables unattended operation. With the integrated vacuum conveyor, you can also sieve from any container and fill the desired container as required using the weigh-in function.
Powder silo, TruPrint 3000

Powder silo

With the powder silo, you can store, transport, and fill large powder quantities in the standard container. Here the volume can be individually adjusted. For cleaning, you can quickly disassemble the clamps, for example. Furthermore, the powder silo is easy to transport using the standard pallet jack.

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