TruPunch 3000

Resource-efficient universal machine

With its skeleton-free processing, the TruPunch 3000 saves material. Its well thought-out automation provides you with the highest level of convenience. Due to the electric punching head, you can punch with an average power input of only 5.6 kW.




Technical data


TruPunch 3000, brush table

Table equipment

Brush tables are available for gentle material handling.

Descending die

The descending die enables low-scratch punching and forming processes and prevents the risk of things getting caught.

TruPunch 3000, parts conveyor belt

Parts conveyor belt

With the parts conveyor belt, you eject punching parts in a process-reliable way.


TRUMPF is the first manufacturer worldwide to offer punching machines with skeleton-free processing. This innovation saves material and increases process safety.

Smart punch monitoring and other smart functions

The core element of the smart functions is to enable the machine to detect problems itself and to sometimes even solve them itself. Before the tool change, smart punch monitoring checks whether a hole was actually punched into the sheet. In this way, the machine detects at an early stage when punches are broken, and can pass this information on to the operator.


Repositioning cylinder

The repositioning cylinder securely holds the sheet in place during repositioning


MultiBend Extended Werkzeug

MultiBend Extended

With the MultiBend Extended, you can create different bending lengths and heights in just one stroke. As a result, you can bend parts up to 90° and a length of 3.5 in. directly on your machine.

Tapping tool

Produce threads on the punching machine using a chipless procedure. Due to the complete processing on one machine, you can reduce your part costs.

Präge-MultiTool EasyType

Embossing MultiTool Easy Type

You can emboss the entire alphabet, all digits, and many special characters with just one tool.

Punching tools at a glance

TRUMPF offers the world’s largest range of punching tools on the market. You will find the perfect solution for every punching and forming application.



SheetMaster, loading unprocessed materials, and unloading and sorting finished parts

Loading, unloading, and sorting

The SheetMaster guarantees fast and process-reliable loading, unloading, unstacking, and sorting.

SheetMaster Compact, space-saving entry level solution for loading and unloading

Loading and unloading

The SheetMaster Compact is the space-saving and affordable entry level solution for the automation of your TruPunch 3000. It takes over the loading of sheets as well as the unloading of microjoint sheets and scrap skeletons.

SortMaster Box Linear, unloading and sorting of finished parts


The SortMaster Box Linear guarantees the low-scratch sorting of finished parts in containers which can be moved linearly.

DisposeMaster, disposal


The DisposeMaster ensures convenient scrap handling. It sorts shredded scrap skeletons and punching slugs according to material type.

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