TruTool TKF 1100

Professional stainless steel processing

The TruTool TKF 1100 is the first choice for processing stainless steel and high-tensile steels. It enables you to create metallically smooth edges with great precision and no emissions. There is no need for reworking. You can apply welding seams not only to straight sheets, but also to tubes, interior cutouts and curved edges. A rotating motor handle, in combination with the adjustable bow-handle, ensures optimal manoeuvrability.





For stainless steel
The TruTool TKF 1100 was specifically designed for use with stainless steel.

Ideal for limited spatial conditions
You can rotate the cutting direction by 90° to the right or left.

Rotating motor handle
Ideal for applications in which you use the machine tilted by 90°.

The right setting
It is quick and easy to adjust the optimal settings for the chamfer height and sheet thickness.







TruTool TKF 1100, dimensional drawing






The right choice

There are five cutting tools to choose from. This enables you to achieve perfect results across a wide range of applications. The material being processed is the determining factor when it comes to choosing the right cutting tool. The cutting tools can be interchanged without the need for additional tools, and you can regrind these many times over. This results in a long service life and reduces your operating costs.



For small parts

The TruTool TKF 1100 is ideal for processing small workpieces. For this purpose, the machine is used stationary in the work station.




Technical data

Scope of delivery

The following consumables and the corresponding accessories are included in the scope of delivery

High-tensile cutting tool (integrated)


TruTool TKF 1100 / 1101, Rollenhalter kpl. mit Stützrolle
Roller holder complete, with supporting roller

1 unit 1299028

Zubehör Standbild
Bow-handle, complete

1 unit 1279590

Zubehör Standbild
Allen key DIN 911-5

1 unit 0067857

Zubehör Standbild
Punching and nibbling oil for steel, 500 ml

1 unit 0103387

Zubehör Standbild
Grease gun (filled with «G1») 70 g

1 unit 1369906

Zubehör Standbild
Setting gauge

1 unit 1411767


1 unit 1763686


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Standard cutting tool

Cutting tool

For processing mild steel between 300 and 500 N/mm2

Set of 2 1263021
Set of 10 1263029
Aluminium cutting tool

For processing aluminium between 200 and 400 N/mm2

Set of 2 1264419
High-tensile cutting tool 5575

For processing mild steel between 600 and 800 N/mm2

Set of 2 1327480
Set of 10 1327482
High-tensile cutting tool

For processing mild steel between 500 and 700 N/mm2

Set of 2 1264417
Set of 10 1264418
Heavy-duty cutting tool

For processing mild steel between 700 and 900 N/mm2

Set of 2 1264420
Set of 10 1264432
TruTool TKF1000,1001, stripper
30° stripper

For 30° carrier

1 unit 1299027
TruTool TKF1000,1001, stripper
37.5° stripper

For 37.5° carrier

1 unit 1299026
TruTool TKF 1100 / 1101, 45° stripper
45° stripper

For 45° carrier

1 unit 1299025
TruTool TKF 1100 / 1101, sliding sleeve
Sliding sleeve
Set of 2 1311549
TruTool TKF 1100 / 1101, support plate
Support plate
1 unit 130881
TruTool TKF 1100 / 1101, lower blank holder
Lower blank holder
1 unit 1297327
TruTool TKF 1100 / 1101, wearing plate
Wearing plate
1 unit 1297370
Set of 2 1311548
TruTool TKF 1100, 30° carrier
30° carrier
1 unit 1299041
TruTool TKF 1100 / 1101, 37.5° carrier
37.5° carrier
TruTool TKF 1100 / 1101, 45° carrier
45° carrier
1 unit 1299043
Still image of accessories
Punching and nibbling oil for steel
500 ml bottle 103387
Still image of accessories
Punching and nibbling oil for aluminium
1000 ml bottle 125874
TruTool TKF 1100 / 1101, work station with pedestal
Work station with pedestal

Ideal for processing small parts in stationary use

1 unit 1313496
TruTool TKF 1100 / TKF 1101, work station
Work station

Ideal for processing small parts in stationary use

1 unit 1300382
TruTool, pedestal

Pedestal for work station

1 unit 3677
1 unit 1763686