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Laser welding systems

Laser welding systems from TRUMPF are the ideal tool when it comes to welding metals or other materials. They can be used to optimally join materials with high melting temperatures as well as high heat conductivity. Benefit from higher productivity and quality in comparison with conventional welding processes: less preparation is needed for joining and the welding speed is up to ten times higher than with other welding processes. As a result of the low heat input during the laser welding process, you produce virtually distortion-free workpieces and perfect seams that typically don’t need post-processing. When it comes to seam geometry, laser welding systems offer you more freedom than any other process. There are hardly any material restrictions because the minimal melt with short, controllable duration means that laser welding systems can join materials that would otherwise not be weldable.

TruLaser Weld 5000

One system, countless benefits

Robots, lasers, processing optics, enclosed protective housing, and positioners – TruLaser Weld 5000 is a turn-key system for automatic laser welding. You can flexibly weld deep and strong seams or nicely rounded, smooth seams using one system. FusionLine also enables you to connect components with gaps. The versatile system can be precisely tailored to meet your needs with different component positioners.

TruLaser Station Series 5000

Laser welding made easy

The compact laser machine, the TruLaser Station 5005, offers you an affordable way into the world of laser welding. Even small and medium-sized parts can be processed in an affordable and space-saving manner. The TruLaser Station 5005 takes up no more than 10.75 ft², including its integrated exhaust system. The degree of operator convenience, on the other hand, is great: the laser machine is available as a standing or seated work station, with a powerful control concept that is easy and intuitive to operate.

TruLaser Cell Series 1000

Expert for strips, tubes, and profiles

The TruLaser Cell 1100 is a flexible beam guidance system that you can integrate easily into your production line. It is specially designed for the endless welding of any seam geometry on strips, tubes, and profiles, as well as welding of rotationally symmetrical parts. You have a lot of freedom when it comes to the material. With the laser welding system you can weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and even non-ferrous metals, from a tenth of a millimeter up to several millimeters thick. The flexibility, quality, and reliability are increased through the wide range of welding optics with linear or swivel axes, as well as sensor systems for seam detection and tracking (e.g. SeamLine or SeamLine Pro). Depending on the application and material, either CO2 or solid-state lasers from TRUMPF are used.

TruLaser Cell 7000

Modular and highly flexible design

You are perfectly equipped with the TruLaser Cell Series 7000 laser system – no matter whether you want to process two or three-dimensional components or tubes. You can change between cutting, welding, and laser metal deposition with flexibility. The modular machine set up, as well as the adjustment and retrofit options, enable you to ideally customize the TruLaser Cell Series 7000 to a changing production environment and to react to changing customer requirements with flexibility.

TruLaser Cell 3000

Highly productive and versatile 5-axis laser machine

With the compact and high-precision 5-axis laser machine TruLaser Cell 3000 you can weld and cut in two or three dimensions. In addition, the 3D laser machine is also ideal for laser metal deposition (LMD). From prototypes to large-scale series production with extensive automation, this multi-talented machine displays its superiority across the board. This applies in particular to cost-effective laser processing of small to medium-sized components with top quality.