TruTool PN 201 18V LiHD rechargeable battery

Powerful, cordless machine with a long tool

For the first time, you can use the TruTool PN 201 battery machine cordlessly to cut sheet thicknesses in mild steel up to 2 mm, even in the case of doubled sheets. The exceptionally powerful machine with an extended tool is ideal for use on deep trapezoidal sheets. The tool can be rotated 360° on the spot. The cutting direction, punch, and die carrier can be changed quickly, without the need for tools. The 4.0 Ah / 18V LiHD rechargeable battery also ensures long runtimes. You can choose from various tool depths to broaden the areas of application.



Cordless Alliance System
Cross-manufacturer rechargeable battery system for leading power tool brands. 100% compatibility in the 18-volt class.
Brushless motor
Almost unlimited service life, virtually wear-free and hardly any maintenance required. Battery performance per charge is also increased.
Machine with long tool
Primarily for processing profile depths of up to 6.37 in. Also well-suited to C-L-U profiles.
Ideal for hard-to-reach places
You can adjust the working direction through 360° in steps of 45° easily, without the need for tools.





Cordless Alliance System

This product is part of the Cordless Alliance System. CAS means one battery for everything, 100% compatibility for machines, rechargeable battery packs and rechargers – regardless of manufacturer. World’s most powerful battery system with 30 years of battery expertise from Metabo. Maximum reliability, clear cost benefits and a sound investment.


Battery technology

LiHD rechargeable battery technology means more power, service life and runtime. It charges reliably using process-controlled charging and discharging management. By cells being protected by minimal temperature build-up and permanent electronic single cell protection (ESCP), even when used over very long periods. The result: high-quality materials and intelligent battery management combined with brushless motors and power-head technology mean longer runtimes. The rechargeable battery pack’s outer rubber coating also provides secure and non-slip stability as well as impact protection.


Can be retrofitted for flexible work

The rechargeable battery and electric variants of the TruTool N 200, PN 200, and PN 201 are built on the same multifunctional machine basis. Each machine has its own particular strengths for processing different sheet metal: TruTool N 200 for flat and corrugated sheet; TruTool PN 200 for trapezoidal sheets up to 3.34 in. deep and C, L, and U profiles; and TruTool PN 201 for trapezoidal sheets up to 6.37 in. in depth.


Technical data

Scope of delivery

The following consumables and the corresponding accessories are included in the scope of delivery.

Standard punch (integrated)
1 unti 2260206
Standard die (integrated)
1 unti 2260207
Punch guide (integrated)
1 unti 1884927
PN 201 tool (integrated)
1 unti 1750692
Wear plate (integrated)
1 unti 2260208
1 hexagonal wrench T x 20
1 unti 0359907
Akku 18V LiHD
18V LiHD 4 Ah rechargeable battery (2 units)
1 unti 2598811
Charger 18 V
12V-36V recharger LG
1 unit, DE/CH version: 2569784
1 unti 1770890


Find the right consumables and accessories for your machine here.

TruTool PN 200 / 201, standard punch
Standard punch
1 unit 2260206
Set of 2 2260376
Set of 5 1315713
TruTool PN 200 / 201, standard die
Standard die
1 unit 2260207
Set of 2 1264153
Set of 5 1264154
TruTool PN 200 / 201, die P1
Die P1
Thin-sheet die up to sheet thickness 1 mm
1 unit 2260209
TruTool PN 200 / 201, wearing plate
Wearing plate
Protects the die holder against excessive wear
1 unit 2260208
Set of 2 1429275
Set of 5 1429276
TruTool PN 200 / 201, punch guide
Punch guide
1 unit 1884927
Set of 2 1264367
Punch, die, and wear plate set
2 x punch, 1 x die and 2 x wearing plate
Set of 1 1429289
TruTool N 200, tool
Tool TruTool N 200
1 unit 1750694
TruTool PN 201, tool
Tool TruTool PN 201
1 unit 1750692
Still image of accessories
Punching and nibbling oil for steel
500 ml bottle 103387
Still image of accessories
1000 ml 125874
LG 12V-36V recharger
For 12V and 18V LiHD rechargeable battery
1 unit (DE/CH) 2569784
18V starter kit
1x LG 12V-36V recharger / 2x 18V LiHD 4.0 Ah rechargeable battery
1 Set (DE) 2598816
18V LiHD 4.0Ah rechargeable battery
1 unit 2598811
1 unit 1770890

Customer benefits


Power-Head Technology

The light metal gear head's ingenious design is specially adapted to the low voltage battery technology. Decoupling the motor pinion from the motor minimizes energy loss and ensures even higher performance per battery charge.

Brushless motor

The powerful BL motor generates higher torques than conventional motors, requires less power and generates hardly any heat. This has a positive effect on the battery life and lets you get the most out of every battery charge. Additional advantage: The service life of a BL motor is almost unlimited because they work without carbon brushes and therefore no mechanical friction occurs. The result: almost wear-free motors and hardly any maintenance.

Compact and powerful

The 18V rechargeable battery tool has a lightweight design enabling fatigue-free working. The soft grip ensures safe and low-vibration working. All TRUMPF rechargeable battery tools are also available as stand-alone versions, i.e. without rechargeable batteries and recharger. If you already have CAS batteries available, you then have the option to save on resources and cut costs

Battery-powered machine, speed control

Optimal working speed

You can use the speed controller to adjust the working speed to suit the individual cutting task. It is extremely efficient if you work in accordance with the predefined cutting lines or a template. It is also well-suited to frequent processing of radii and stainless steel. The electronic overload protection offers yet another notable benefit.