TruTool S 160 LiHD 12V rechargeable battery

Handy battery-powered machine up to 1.6 mm

The TruTool S 160 12V rechargeable battery machine optimally equips you to process mild steel sheet metal of up to 1.6 mm. Obstructions are insignificant and the machine provides exceptional curvability. The battery machine enables you to work comfortably and with little effort. The 4.0 Ah / 12V LiHD rechargeable battery also ensures long runtimes.




Just right
Compact and practical 12V rechargeable battery. Compatible in its voltage class and with the 12V-36V recharger.
Brushless motor
Practically unlimited service life, virtually wear-free and hardly any maintenance. Battery performance per charge is also increased.
Tight curves
You can cut even the smallest radii starting from 15 mm with the TruTool S 160, which offers excellent performance on curves.
Long cutter service life
Option of 4-way rotation. For a long service life and low operating costs.

Technical Data


Scope of delivery

Cutter (integrated)
TruTool Li-ion rechargeable battery 10.8 V, 2 Ah
12V LiHD 4.0 Ah rechargeable battery (2 units)
1 unit 2598770
TruTool recharger 100 - 240 V
12V-36V recharger LG
1 unit, DE/CH version: 2569784
Allen key DIN 911-2
1 unit 0002946
Zubehör StandbildAllen key DIN 911-3
1 unit 0094840
TruTool belt clip
Belt clip
1 unit 2579850
1 unit 1763681


TruTool S 160, cutterCutter
For steel up to 400 N/mm2
Set of 10 1264320
Set of 2 126471
TruTool S 160, cutter CR
Cutter CR
For high-tensile sheets up to 800 N/mm2
Set of 2 919760
TruTool S 160 E, titanium-coated cutter
Titanium-coated cutter
Set of 2 2089660
LG 12V-36V recharger
For 12V and 18V LiHD rechargeable battery
1 unit (DE/CH) 2569784
12V LiHD 4.0Ah rechargeable battery
1 unit 2598770
Belt clip
Suitable for the 12V LiHD battery machines
1 unit 2599016
1 unit 1763681

Customer benefits

Power-Head Technology

The light metal gear head's ingenious design is specially adapted to the low voltage battery technology. Decoupling the motor pinion from the motor minimises energy loss and ensures even higher performance per battery charge.

Brushless motor

The powerful BL motor generates higher torques than conventional motors, requires less power and generates hardly any heat. This positively affects battery performance and means you get the maximum from every battery charge. A further advantage is the practically limitless service life of a BL motor due to the absence of carbon brushes and therefore no mechanical wear. This means almost wear-free and maintenance-free motors.

Image of the technology inside the TRUMPF battery-powered machinesSmall and handy

The 12V rechargeable battery tool has a lightweight design enabling fatigue-free working. The soft grip ensures safe and low-vibration working. All TRUMPF rechargeable battery tools are also available as stand-alone versions, i.e. without rechargeable batteries and recharger. If you already have CAS batteries available, you then have the option to save on resources and cut costs.

TruTool S 160, cutter4-way blade rotation

Top and bottom cutters have an identical shape and size. They also each have four cutting edges and can be easily interchanged with one another. It really is that simple: if the cutting performance decreases, rotate the cutter by 90° and you have a new cutting edge. This results in an above-average tool life.

Optimal working speedOptimal working speed

You can use the speed controller to adjust the working speed to suit the individual cutting task. This provides a variable cutting speed of up to 9 metres per minute. The speed controller is highly efficient for work with scribed lines or with a template. It is also well-suited to frequent processing of radii and stainless steel. The electronic overload protection offers yet another notable benefit.