TruBend Series 5000

Productive all-around machine

The TruBend Series 5000 TRUMPF’s most successful bending machine worldwide. This means from programming, to setup, to bending, production productivity will be unmatched. Innovative features such as the lower tool displacement and the 6-axis backgauge provide you with complete production freedom. The operator’s work is made easier by numerous innovations such as the control concept, which is a revolution in its simplicity and intuitive use, as well as new solutions in the field of ergonomics, such as the MagicShoe




Quiet and fast
The On-Demand Servo Drive operates quickly, quietly, and in an energy-efficient way.
Angle measuring systems
With angle measuring systems from the Automatically Controlled Bending family, even the first part is a success.
User-friendly and ergonomic
Numerous equipment options make production more enjoyable, safer, and more productive.
Simple control
With the Touchpoint TruBend, operation is as easy and intuitive as with a tablet PC.
Automatic tool change
The automatic tool changer, ToolMaster, takes over all tool setup operations.
Flexibility due to 6-axis backgauge
The 6-axis backgauge provides you with complete freedom in use.
TruBend Series 5000, On-Demand Servo Drive

Energy efficiency

The On-Demand Servo Drive does not only operate extremely quietly and in an energy efficient way, but at 8.5 in/s is also particularly fast.

TruBend Series 5000, lower tool displacement

Lower tool displacement

The lower tool displacement enables special applications, such as folding.





Perfect illumination


Perfect illumination with LEDs

Additional LEDs ensure perfect illumination and also prevent the generation of heat, which would be unpleasant for the operator.

Technical data



TruBend Series 8000, ACB Wireless angle measuring system

ACB Wireless angle measuring system

The user-friendly ACB (Automatically Controlled Bending) Wireless measures and corrects angles using the sensor disks which are integrated in the upper tool. The system automatically detects the position of the sensors; the communication between the tool and control is wireless.

ACB laser angle measuring system

ACB laser angle measuring system

With the ACB laser, you use a non-contact, optical system for angle measurement. A laser projects a line onto the sheet, and a camera detects the angle. For this, two measuring units are automatically moved to the right position.

TruBend Series 5000, bending aid

Bending aids

The practical bending aid including automatic height adjustment provides valuable help for angles up to 30°. It supports you in the bending of heavy or large parts, in particular. You have a choice of synthetic, brush, or roller supports.



TRUMPF presents the ergonomic alternative to a mechanical foot switch. The MagicShoe contains an intelligent sensor system which triggers the stroke through a simple movement of the foot – no matter where the user is standing in front of the machine.

Material handling and energy efficiency

TruBend Series 5000, support brackets

Support brackets

Support brackets with variable height adjustment make component handling easier. The robust support brackets have a high load capacity and are available with different supports.

Material handling + energy efficiency

TruBend Series 5000, 6-axis backgauge


You are equipped for almost any eventuality with up to 6 CNC-controlled backguage axes.



Standard tools

You can choose between more than 150 upper and lower tool types for your personal range. You can order tools individually or as a set.

Lightweight tools

For tools up to 12 inches long, lightweight tools with more than 30% weight reduction are equipped with the Safety-Click feature as standard. This reduces setup time and relieves strain on the operator.

ZN tools

During the processing of galvanized sheets, even after just a few bends, there may be zinc deposits on the die, resulting in cold welding. This causes imprints on the component and imprecision. This can be avoided with the coated LASERdur ZN TRUMPF bending tools. They combine a high level of surface hardness with excellent sliding properties, are corrosion-resistant, and do not need to be cleaned.

Special tools

For specific requirements, TRUMPF will develop your own personal tool solution. To guarantee part quality, we test the tools in advance using your specific material and create initial sample parts.

Sensor bending tools

Sensor tools

TRUMPF sensor tools function according to the tried-and-tested Automatically Controlled Bending measuring principle. Sensor disks, integrated in the tool shape, take measurements in the process zone.




With the ToolMaster automatic tool changer, you can set up the TruBend Series 5000 automatically for each new program. This is a priceless benefit, especially for small lot sizes. You save a lot of time and effort.